Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Biography: Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

Sheikh Dahiru Usman OFR (born 29 June 1927) is a Nigerian Islamic Scholar . He is the supreme leader of the Islamic Sufi group known as the Tijaniyyah in Nigeria.

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Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Early

sheikh Dahiru Bauchi was born in East Gombe at Northern Region , Nigeria .

His parents were from Bauchi in East Gombe. His maternal roots are from Gombe .

Dahiru Bauchi was born in the Hijri year 1346 (Gregorian
calendar : June 29, 1927).

As a youth Dahiru Bauchi studied the Holy Qur’an under the tutelage of his father Alhaji Usman. Eventually he learned to recite the entire Qur’an from memory as could his father.

He studied under scholars like Shaykh Tijani Usman
Zangon-Bare-bari, Shaykh Abubakar Atiku and Shaykh
Abdulqadir Zaria He received the Tijjaniyyah Tariqah .

His father was a Tijani muqaddam (Imam ), who was granted authorization ( ijāzah) for tariqa. Dahiru Bauchi is deputy chair of the Fatwa Committee of the Supreme Council Of Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) in Nigeria.

The renowned Islamic scholar, now in his 90’s with more
than 80 children, married the daughter of the renowned
20th-century Tijani scholar Sheikh Ibrahim Niasse .

Sheikh Baba Laminu Niasse of Kaolack, Senegal , officiated the marriage in Ibrahim Niasse Mosque, Senegal.

Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi Net Worth

The famous Islamic scholar and leader of Islamic group leader sufi sheikh usman Dahiru Bauchi has Net Worth of $100,000.

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