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Neco Agric Science Practical Specimen 2022

Neco Agric science practical specimen for 2022 examination is out. Are you writing Neco Agric science examination this year if yes read this?

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The Neco examination board has released the list of items to be used in the upcoming Neco examination.

All candidates are advised to get familiar with specimen release by the Neco examination board.

Neco Agric Practical Specimen 2022


Great care should be taken to ensure that the information given overleaf does not reach the candidates either directly or indirectly before the examination.

1. The provision of specimens, materials, and equipment for the examination is your responsibility.

2i. Each candidate should be provided with the following specimens labeled accordingly;

Specimen A Hand Fork
Specimen B Dibble
Specimen C Cross Staff
Specimen D Cast Net
Specimen E Feeding Through
Specimen F Loamy Soil
Specimen G Clayey Soil
Specimen H Sandy Soil
Specimen I Earthworm
Specimen J Termite
Specimen K Grasshopper
Specimen L Bean Weevil
Specimen M Mealybug
Specimen N Animal Skin
Specimen O Tick
Specimen P Roundworm

Neco Agric Specimen 2022

2ii. Where a specimen is not readily available in sufficient quantity, it should be shared between small groups of candidates.

The report form is provided separately on which the following information must be stated:

(a) Details of the specimens and materials provided.
(b) Any difficulty experienced by candidates especially if the examiner would not be able to discover it from the scripts.

4. A completed report form must be enclosed in the envelope containing the scripts.

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