Abubakar Gumi Biography: Net Worth, Age, Wife, Phone Number

Abubakar Mahmud Gumi was a Nigerian
Islamic scholar and Grand Khadi of the Northern
Region of Nigeria (1962–1967), a position
which made him a central authority in the
interpretation of the Shari’a legal system in the

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He was a close associate of Ahmadu Bello, the premier of the Northern region in the 1950s and 1960s, and became the Grand Khadi in 1967, the position was abolished.

Abubak Gumi Early Life

Gumi was born in the village of Gummi now a
local government area in Zamfara state on the
last Friday of Ramadan in the Islamic year 1344,
to the family of Mahmud, an Islamic scholar and
Alkali (judge) of Gummi.

His education started within the walls of his family when he was a pupil of his father’s Islamic teachings.

He was later sent to a school under the tutelage of a Malam called Musa at Ambursa, Sokoto province. There he was introduced to Fiqh and read books and praise poems on the prophet.

The first secular school he attended was the Dogondaji Primary School, while in the primary school, he met the future 18th Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki, and excelled in religious duties.

He was made Hakimin Salla (leader of the prayer) and was delegated responsibility for catering to the
students’ religious activities.

Within a year, he was transferred to the Sokoto Middle School, where Ahmadu Bello was teaching.

There he became acquainted with Shehu Shagari, Waziri Muhammadu Junaidu, and Yahaya Gusau; the latter was a co-founder of Jama’atu Nasril Islam, a prominent Nigerian Muslim organization.
After completing his studies in middle school, he went to Kano to study Law and was trained as a Qadi.

He started work as a scribe to Qadi Attahiru but he soon became disenchanted with the specifics of his job.

He gave private lessons on Islam and tafsir as an escape from his disenchantment.

He lost his father in 1937 while he was in middle school. He got married 3 years later to Maryam in 1941 when he was just 19

Abubakar Gumi Career

In 1947, Abubakar Gumi left his job as a secretary
to Qadi Attahiru and went to teach at the Kano
Law School, which he had previously attended.

While in Kano, he met Sheik Sa’id Hayatu, a man
widely considered one of the most prominent
victims of colonial rule.

Hayatu was the leader of the Mahdiyya movement and had just returned from a forced sojourn in Cameroon.

Abubakar became enthralled with the teachings of the Mahdiyya movement and briefly became a
follower; he later married Hayatu’s daughter,

However, she died after giving birth to a son. Abubakar Gumi’s first son wasn’t Ahmad
Abubakar, but Dr. Hamza Abubakar, a medical
doctor currently practicing in Riyadh, Saudi
Arabia, followed by Maj. Gen.

Abdulkadir Abubakar (retd.) and two elder sisters–one married to late Justice Muhammadu Bello, former chief justice of the federation, and the other married to Sheik Sunusi Gumbi, a well-
known Islamic scholar and student of Abubakar

In 1949, Gumi took a teaching job at a school in
Maru, Sokoto. The school had a famous tutor,
Aminu Kano, who was the co-founder of the
Northern Teachers Association and proprietor of
a few Muslim schools.

Aminu and Gumi mingled and shared views on the influence of the traditional society on the Islamic faith, and also the indifference or support given to the situation of Bida or syncretism by the Sufi brotherhoods.

He left Maru to further his education at the
school of Arabic Studies in Kano. Upon completion
of his studies, he became a teacher for two
years at the school.

He also attended a school of education in Sudan.
In 1957, he became an interpreter for the
Northern Nigeria government on Saudi Arabia

Abubakar Gumi Net Worth

The famous Islamic scholar and former Nigeria military man Gumi has A Net Worth of $2 million

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