10 Undergraduates Scholarship in Nigeria

Gaining a scholarship to study at any university in Nigeria or abroad is one of the Nigerian undergraduates’ common dreams.

There are a lot of scholarships for undergraduates in Nigeria. Yet, many students do miss the opportunity. This is because most of them are not aware, while some don’t know how to apply.

Undergraduate schoolers hip in Nigeria

However, the scholarships differ, but the main aim is to help admission seekers and newly admitted attain their degrees freely in any Nigerian university or abroad.

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One more critical aspect of this programme is that it reduces the expenses on the parent of any student under scholarship.

Seeing the number of people losing this opportunity made us write this detailed article. This article will cover the meaning of scholarship, a list of different scholarships, how to find ongoing scholarships, and how to apply.
So let’s dive in.

What is scholarship all about?

Scholarships are a type of financial help given to students who want to continue their education. They are granted based on different criteria, which are primarily on education, artistic, athletic, and musical abilities.

This means that the tuition fee or the required payment is being paid by the government, organization, company, or individual for the students.

Types of undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria There are many scholarships for undergraduates in Nigeria, but most of them are seasonal. However, there are 10 popular ones, which are listed and explained below;

1. MTN Foundation scholarship

This scholarship is for Nigerian students who want to go into the science and technology fields. The scholarship is often offered to a maximum number of 500 Nigerian undergraduates.

The awardees will be given tuition, stipends, and book allowances. And the scholarship will be renewed every year until the awarded students graduate.

2. PTDF Scholarships programme

This scholarship is given by the ministry of petroleum resources. The scholarship is for undergraduates only, but for people who want to attain their master’s and Ph.D.

The awardees have a chance to study at upgraded Nigerian universities, in the UK, and in France. However, the application deadline is always in October every year.

3. Chevron Agbami Undergraduate

scholarshipThis scholarship is offered by star deep water petroleum limited for Nigerian undergraduates. The scholarship is mainly for those who want to study medicine, health courses, and engineering courses.

The awardee will be given everything needed to complete their studies. And their application often ends in March every year.

4. Bilateral Education Agreement Award (BEA)

This federal government of Nigeria offers scholarships with an agreement with the federal ministry of education. The scholarship is offered to undergraduates and people who want to attain their master’s or doctorate.

All qualified awardees will be given a chance to further their education overseas, mainly in Cuba, China, and Romania.

5. NNPC/Shell National University scholarship

Shell Nigeria Exploration Company offers this scholarship. The scholarship is offered to Nigerian undergraduates who successfully cover their studies from 200 levels to complete their degree programme.

Any undergraduate who wishes to apply is advised to apply early as their application deadline is always August.

6. Shell Nigeria University Program

The Shell Petroleum Development Company offers this scholarship. This grants opportunity to all Nigerian students from their first-year programme to the end of their course in school.

The main aim of the scholarship is to enhance academic excellence and skill base among Nigerian youths. The scholarship deadline is always in October.

7. NWAG Nigeria Scholarship for female Nigerians

This programme is offered by the Nigerian Women’s Association of Georgia. The scholarship is a one-time scholarship to give an amount of fifty thousand naira to each qualified female Nigerian student.

The awardees are selected on the basis of origin, i.e., one person per state. However, their deadline is always in May every year.

8. ADDAX/NNPC National tertiary

institutions merit scholarship program
This scholarship is offered by ADDAX petroleum development and is limited to only Nigerian origins. However, the applicant must be in 100 levels in any Nigerian university, polytechnic, or college of education. And they must be a full-time student.

Every student who wishes to apply is advised to apply early every year as their application deadline is always in May.

9. Nigerian girls scholarship fund

This is a northern base scholarship. Due to the high number of female secondary school students dropping out in some northern parts of Nigeria, the programme provides financial assistance to some girls.

Their school fees and other financial needs will be paid from the beginning of their secondary school to the completion of their secondary school. This is primarily offered in Kano and Kastina.

10. Mobil Nigeria undergraduate scholarship

This is an annual scholarship offer by Mobil production limited. The scholarship is mainly for Nigerian undergraduates who have been newly admitted to any Nigerian university.

However, applicants must be in 100 or 200 level. Every Nigerian student in 100 or 200level can apply for the program. The program often ends in August every year.

Requirements to apply for undergraduate scholarship

There are always requirements for every scholarship which every applicant must meet. Mostly, there are always nine (9) requirements which are listed below.

1. O level result

2. JAMB result

3. Passport photography

4. Birth certificate

5. Origin identification

6. WAEC certificate

7. National identification number

8. Sponsor or reference letter

9. International passport (for abroad)

How to apply for an undergraduate scholarship in Nigeria

Every scholarship has its application method, but most of them have similar procedures. The most common application procedure is to go to the main website of whatever scholarship you are applying for and navigate to the application form button. Then, fill out the form with the required documents.

However, suppose you are applying for federal scholarships like a Bilateral education agreement. In that case, you will have to visit the nearest JAMB center with a photocopy of the requirements along with four passport photography.

Note that all your passports must have only white background.


Any student interested in any of the above scholarships should often check their official website. This is to know when the application starts immediately and be more among the first applicants.
Though it does not mean only the first applicants will be considered, but the earlier, the better.

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